Sunday July 30, 2017 ~ Half Marathon starts at 7:00 am

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All three races start on the boardwalk at the southeast end of Kew Gardens and head west moving from the boardwalk to the Martin Goodman Trail at Donald Summerville Olympic Pool (approx. 800m). From there, the three races will follow approximately the same routes via the Martin Goodman Trail. All 3 races have access to water stations and the 10k and half marathon have access to porta potties.

All routes: Head west on the Boardwalk/Martin Goodman Trail (5k run turns around at the 2.5k mark west of Coxwell Avenue (before Leslie St!), then returns east via the Martin Goodman Trail, moving back to the boardwalk for the final 800m to the finish.

Landmarks along the way: The Beach, Ashbridges Bay

10k & Half Marathon: Head West on the Boardwalk/Martin Goodman Trail, South on Leslie St, West on Unwin Ave and follow the road to the Cherry Beach Trail. The turnaround point is right at 5k and will be well marked and marshaled. Return along the same route with 10k runners heading north on Leslie and half marathon runners going south, into Tommy Thompson Park, AKA ‘The Spit’. Half marathon runners will run straight out to and around the Light House, making a small detour eastbound on the way back, before returning to the finish via the Martin Goodman Trail (picked up again at Leslie/Unwin) and finally the boardwalk for the last 800m.

Landmarks along the way: The Beach, Ashbridges Bay, shrub-lined pathways and the Bailey Bridge, The Lighthouse, gorgeous views of the lake and city, out and back!

5k / 10k route, click to view it here

1/2 route: click to view it here



Please note, Aid Stations have been adjusted slightly compared to this map.
They are are at 2.5k, 5k, 7.5k, 10.2k, 13.5k, 16.3k 18.5k

Course markings:

All Kilometres are marked

All the turnarounds have volunteer marshals so you will be shown know when to head back!