Jazz Run – Half Marathon Pace Team

We have built your Pace team, here are our heroes!

Beaches Jazz Run – July 29 – 1/2 M Pacer Lineup

1:30 – Jeff Conron
1:35 – Eric Cheung
1:40 – Peter Leventis
1:45 – Troy Rowe / Chris Chivers (backup)
1:50 – John Sacco
1:55 – Spencer Lee
2:00 – JP Bedard
2:05 – Brian Morrill
2:10 – David Manuel
2:15 – Ning Zhao
2:20 – Jack Lee
2:25 – Shelby Sayre
2:30 – Peng Wei

All pacers will run a hybrid of continuous and run/walk. Basically continuous, with a few short walk breaks thrown in, particularly just after water stations allowing your runners to catch up if they got held up getting water.

6 thoughts on “Jazz Run – Half Marathon Pace Team

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