Team Types

1. Fundraisers
Fundraiser winners will be calculated from Team Names up sign up.

Competitve Teams
We are reworking how we do teams.
Fill out the Teams Form here by July 25th

Email racedirector@beachesjazzrun.com if you have any issues or changes after submission

Team members can be in any event. The scoring is done by position, like cross-country racing. So if you have 4 members, with say 1 in the 5k, 1 in the 10k and 2 in the half Marathon, and the 5k runner finished 20th overall, and the 10k runner finishes 50th and the two half marathoners finish 15th and 30th, then your total score is 115 (20+50+15+30)…lowest overall score of your 4 fastest runners is the winning team.

Points are calculated based on finishing position in the overall results. Lowest score wins
Score are calculated across all races (5k, 10k, 21.1k)
There teams are for bragging rights only (for now)

*Teams can have more than 4 members but the lowest 4 placings will count. This is also known as the Cross Country rules of scoring.

Rules subject to change. If you’ve already signed up and would like to join a team, have your team captain email us and ask for you to be added. Or for any other questions, email racedirector@beachesjazzrun.com

If you have already registered but want to join a team, please email racedirector@beachesjazzrun.com to process your request.

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